Anderson Tree Service
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Shenandoah, Iowa

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Larry Anderson - Owner

Certified Arborist - Certified by the International Society of Arborculture

Anderson Tree Service can provide protection for a variety of tree problems using the latest horticultural techniques.  Larry Anderson, owner, Anderson Tree Service, is a Certified Arborist and has received a continuing education in the latest technology in treating trees for insect and disease control.  He has developed a successful system for treating the following:

- Emerald Ash Borer Control
- Pine Wilt and Nematode
- Systemic Injections for disease
  and insect control
- Diplodia Control
- Oak Tree Diseases
- Fertilization for Good Tree
- Testing Soil ph and Soil
- Mosquito Control
- Bagworm Control
- Bur Oak Blight
- Japanese Beetle

* And a variety of other insect and disease problems on trees!

The Oak tree is the most valuable tree in your landscape.  Anderson Tree Service has successfully treated a variety of oak diseases in Oak trees, such as Bur Oak Blight.

For more information on Bur Oak Blight, please go to the Iowa State University Extension Service website link below and watch the video:

Call the "Tree Doc" today for an evaluation of your tree problem!  Early treatment and protection of any tree problem is the solution for a healthy tree and an assurance of maintaining your landscape value!

Before and after pictures of a Pin Oak tree that was
treated by Anderson Tree Service.

This Pin Oak Tree was injected for iron deficiency in 2007.  The after picture shows full foliage, good leaf color and an overall healthy tree. 
Injections last three years
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